Thoughts from a peer mentor…

F.A.I.L.= First Attempt In Learning
E.N.D.= Effort Never Dies
N.O.= Next Opportunity

In the beginning of the school year, I was an eager Political Science major, ready to shake up the campus by living my best life, but by the end of the term I was stressed out, tired, weak, and decided to switch my major. Am I telling you that it is only going to get worse and that if you do not like your classes switch your major? No, no I am not. What I am telling you is that I understand what you are going through now. Most likely you are stressed, tired, and hoping that these four weeks fly by so you can enjoy that month off. Right? I mean by this time last year I was wishing for that break and that’s because I found out you don’t have to take classes over break (honestly, I don’t know why I thought that over break I had to take classes but I was really stressed about that for some reason lol).

However, this is week 6, you still have time to turn things around. Being the freshman that you are you most likely did not take advantage of office hours and certainly did not go over your notes after class to see that you truly understand what is going on in that class. I know I didn’t and I swore that in college I was going to be the student I never was in high school, a student who was proactive. I started off proactive, but by week 4, I was doing everything last minute because procrastination was my best friend. However, it’s not too late, there’s still time to finesse those teachers and become the perfect student.

How might you ask? By doing what you didn’t do during the first 6 weeks. Talk to that teacher during office hours, do your homework on time, and most of all study, don’t cram. There’s no other option or easy way out of it, it ultimately starts with you. I know you didn’t work your way from high school just to give up now. You have to become your biggest fan and push yourself to do what you have to do even if no one else is doing it or you don’t feel like it. I know that sometimes you want to hang out and have fun, but doing that isn’t going to get that degree. It is ok to be by yourself so you can better yourself by studying. You’re not going to master the art of being a great student in one day, just take one day at a time. You have the same amount of time as everyone else, the same 24 hours, which means you have enough time to do what you need to do. You were great enough to get yourself here, so keep yourself here. You’re the only person who can stand in your way. This may sound corny but you’re a dragon and being a dragon means that you have the power and the strength to overcome anything you put your mind to. Once I realized that, those things that seem impossible, like getting good grades, didn’t seem so impossible.
Kennedy Jackmon – Dragon Navigator Mentor
Sophomore Criminology & Justice Studies Major

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