Navigator Welcome Breakfast Thank You!

First let me say thank you to everyone who came out this morning for the welcome breakfast.  It is always encouraging to see students, faculty, and staff have open conversations and really get to know each other.  I hope everyone is excited about the new year as we are.  Make sure to use the connections you make.  Even if you just “need a moment” to vent, reach out.  (Insider tip: I always have chocolate in my office and will replenish my stash for the start of the new term).

A really good and informative resource you all should check out is Drexel’s student newspaper The Triangle.  It comes out every Friday and is a good way to stay up to date on what’s happening around Drexel and even Philly.  There’s an article in this weeks edition that gives some really good advice, What I Wish I’d Known.  As someone who works in an academic support center, I can’t stress enough about asking for help and using the resources on campus.  And if a upper class student is saying it it must be true, right? 🙂

Enjoy your last free weekend before classes start!  Good luck as you embark on your journey as a Dragon!


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